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Lights Out!

ElvisWhat’s up guys? It’s Stephanie and just wanted to tell you a little about my hectic day and ¬†especially when it becomes lights out because of this crazy storm we are having! I’m not talking about Lisa Marie Presley’s song either.

If you didn’t know, Lisa Marie Presley had a very popular song called “Lights Out” and it was actually pretty good in my opinion. She is not exactly my favorite however and I don’t nearly rank her close to the true artistry of her father, even though she has the King’s blood. I do think she tried but her fathers shadow and talent was just too much. I did find it very odd that she briefly married the other King of a different music genre, Michael Jackson.

I’m sure its extremely difficult to follow in your father’s footsteps. Especially, if your father is Elvis! Anyways, this stupid storm that we are having tonight is awful! We are getting wind gust up to 80 mph and all of a sudden, a lighting bolt from the middle of nowhere, came down and struck literally on top of my house!

I was scared as hell and I just remember screaming in sheer terror! Simultaneously,the lights went out as the lighting hit my home. I was there in pure darkness and the only light I had was from the flashlight app on my phone. I’m definitely am not the hand girl so I had no business trying to check the breaker box and I was extremely pissed because this happened while I was watching my show!

Thank God my friend knew a local electrician here in town that she used before in the past. I only go through friend referrals because when your a single female, you don’t just want any man in your home! I know some lonely girls might like that idea but not this lady! No psycho electricians for me. Well, thankfully the guy was extremely polite and not bad on the eyes either but most of all he got my show up and running again.

So, there you have it my lights out experience, which reminded me of that song from Lisa Marie Presley. I will definitely be writing about her more later. Chat with you guys later!

Elvis Presley’s Favorite Food!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well today? I have a little kick ass recipe that made Elvis go crazy every time he had this snack according to his house staff. I was skeptical at first trying out the King’s favorite snack but to my surprise, it was one of the most tastiest treats I have had in awhile!

So here it goes, and you would never think this was what the King had ordered on a regular basis but it is so simple to make! What is it you ask? Well, it is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. What? I know, I thought the same thing too, but it’s freaking awesome!

I made a little different version the other day, by adding a little bit of honey to sweeten it up a bit and came out great but, if you just want to take it out like the original, it’s still the the bomb! I used crunchy because that’s what Elvis used for the original recipe and I used wheat bread to make it a little healthier. You need to make sure that bananas aren’t too ripe or too green but just that nice shade of healthy yellow.

Anyways, all you need is crunchy peanut butter,bread and bananas. My next door neighbor tried this out the other day on her kids and they absolutely loved it! I highly recommend you give it a shot and this was my little Elvis tidbit of the day. Take care and thank you, thank you very much!

The Elvis Project!

Elvis 1Welcome everyone to The Elvis Project! This website will be all about the King and I just wanted to pay my respects as one of his biggest fans! My name is Stephanie, by the way and I’m truly excited to take you into a deeper look into my love for everything Elvis Presley.

I want to just give a shout out to my best friend Jessica for giving me the encouragement to start all of this. She knows how much of a fanatic I am and when I told her my thoughts on creating a site about my crazy burning love for Elvis, she was right behind me 100 percent!¬†All my love to my best friend Jessica and all my love to my fellow Elvis Presley fans! Long live the King! Check out this cool inside look into Graceland! I’m going here this year for sure!