I met Charles the other day while on a brisk walk last Sunday morning. I know what your thinking but I’m totally telling the truth! He was a complete stranger at first just sitting there on the park bench with his wife Susan. They were just the cutest couple so after stretching for a little, I just decided to strike up a conversation. Charles told me that he owns a plano tree service company and that he was just out here visiting for a family reunion. I of course asked who his family was…and behold he smiled and said that he was attending the Presley Reunion.

I was like Presley who? He then smiled and said well Elvis Presley was my cousin as a matter of fact! I just about fainted when he said that and then we soon went on about an hour talking about the King and everything that he meant to me. His wife Susan probably had enough so she politely excused herself while he went on and on about his past and childhood of them growing up together.

It was truly a great delight and thought I just share in my joy with everyone. I’ll keep it short and back to my Elvis Presley fanatic life!