Hey guys and gals, its been awhile but just wanted to give a quick shout out to these fort worth electrical contractors, for making our company block party very special and a Elvis spectacular show!

Fort Worth Electrician Pros have contracted with my IT company for quite some time providing electrical repair work and doing the installs of all of the companies lights. Anyways we heard that one of the guys who worked there, was actually a very good Elvis Impersonator! I of course was excited and we were looking to have a huge company block party for the fourth of July.

My company goes al out for this particular holiday and I was left in charge of the entertainment being the director and such. I approached my boss about on of the electricians special unknown talents and to my surprise, he was really interested in seeing if he would be able to perform and have some actual talent…Long story short we brought in Jerry who is roughly 30 years old and we asked him if he could just sing a little for us. Jerry was a little shy at first about it but then agreed and boy were we in for a surprise! Jerry had a voice of an angel and really did sound like the King! My boss and I both looked at each other in amazement and both agreed Jerry would be our star performer. Crazy how much talent some people possess and he is also a great electrician too! lol ┬áSo check out Jerry and the gang over at www.fortworth-electrician.net